No installation required. Just decompress it into a folder and run it.

In older windows versions you may need to install Visual Basic drivers from here:

PacmanGR is a clone of the famous 80’s arcade game

It has some important innovations.

You can start from any of the 24 mazes you want (named by Greek alphabet). At the end of each maze, you earn an extra life (max 5)

The goal is to achieve a maximum score. You have to eat as many ghosts as you can and the fruits that appear twice on each screen.

As the race progress, the speed is increasing and the time you can catch the ghosts is reduced. If you think you are good enough, you can adjust faster from the start. You can also turn off the sounds as well as the ‘boss key’.

Basic option is the ability to build your own mazes! Through a very simple editor you design the tracks you imagine.

Getting started lets you choose whether to play with standard or custom tracks.

The whole program is written entirely on pure visual basic 6.

It demonstrates the enormous potential of the language that, for unexplained reasons, Microsoft stopped evolving.

Of course it is an amateur effort created as a hobby.

I hope you will spend some pleasant moments with this game.

If you have any observation I will be happy to hear it. Send me an email at


Freeware game from OpenSky Software

Greece, Thessaloniki, 2018